After the record-breaking highs of summer, temperatures have definitely started to cool around the country. But the great thing about having a Fresco Shade is that you don’t have to retreat indoors when autumn arrives, and winter is knocking at the front door. All you need is a little bit of prep, and you can continue to enjoy the extra space that your outdoor room provides.

1. Switch up your furniture and furnishings

To get maximum use out of your outdoor space, it needs to be comfortable and ready-to-use. This may mean swapping out the summer loungers for more cosy armchairs, and having dedicated chunky knit throws that stay out under the Fresco Shade. Extra plush cushions are a definite must-have too.

Pantone’s colour of 2018 is purple, and autumn/winter certainly lends itself to those deeper, richer shades of burgundy and plum – something to think about if you are looking for some new decor items to add to your outdoor space. Don’t forget a bit of greenery too, with hanging planters an ideal way to bring in a bit of nature inside your Fresco Shade.

2. Give the spa pool a ‘once over’

It’s time for some seasonal maintenance on the spa pool to ensure you enjoy using it all year-round. If the water hasn’t been changed in a while, it could very well be time to drain the pool and give it a clean before re-filling it again. On average, with moderate weekly use by a small family, the water should be changed every 8 – 12 weeks.

It’s also a good idea to clean/dry and polish your vinyl spa cover around once a month using a clear wax polish (a leather and vinyl protector product). This will help to extend the life of your lid and save costly replacements. Don’t forget to remove and clean the filter cartridge/s on a regular basis, at least once a month, but preferably twice. Basically, the more the spa is used, the more you need to clean the cartridges.

3. Consider adding some ‘mood’ lighting

With it getting darker so much earlier in the evenings now, it may feel like there is less time to enjoy in your Fresco Shade, but it’s actually the opposite – as long as you are prepared with a few extra items.

You can make it feel like a really cosy retreat by popping up some battery powered fairy lights or lanterns, and ensuring there are plenty of candles ready to light – especially a few deliciously scented ones. This can really make the space feel so much more inviting to read, play board games or entertain – no matter the weather.

4. Don’t forget to sort the heating

Heating really is a must if you want to maximise the use of your outdoor space this autumn. Knowing you can be toasty and warm under your Fresco Shade will ensure everyone feels inclined to still engage in all of their usual activities in there.

There is most certainly still time to get yourself organised with something more permanent – like a fireplace. But there are also plenty of other options, including gas or electric patio heaters, or even a portable fire pit that provides a wonderful evening atmosphere once the sun has gone down. Just remember, whatever you use for heating, ensure everyone understands how to operate it safely – particularly with young children around.

5. Add your Fresco curtains

New Zealand weather is anything but predictable – very recent events have most definitely shown that. Which is why you need to prepare for unexpected weather by putting your Fresco curtains up now, not later. This will help to protect all your personal effects from the rain.

The curtains have been manufactured to withstand winds up to 90km per hour, so when you know a storm is coming – make sure you tuck them up out of the way (unfortunately any damage done to curtains over this wind speed is not covered by your warranty).

Hopefully the above has provided some inspiration to get your patio ready for the chilly weather so you can enjoy it comfortably all year round. Because of course, that’s the bonus of having an outdoor space under a Fresco Shade.

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