Want to feel like you've got brand new Fresco side screens? Here are our best tips for sparkling clean curtains:


Use a hose to wet the curtains/screens


Scrub gently with a soft brush, such as a window brush, dipped in soapy water


Hose clean and use a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth to dry off


Apply VuPlex* from an aerosol can


Use a soft cloth to polish the PVC curtain to create a lovely glossy shine

*Application of VuPlex will continue to protect your clear side screens by creating a waterproof film that repels water and dirt. It also works to increase scratch resistance by creating surface slip.  VuPlex is a multipurpose plastic & PVC cleaner which comes in a handy spray can at a modest cost of under $25. We’ve found VuPlex at Bunnings:


However we also have some stock at Fresco Shades.

Curtain Shrinking?

Your clear Glidetrak curtains are made from a high quality PVC. This product has in-built flexibility. This means they expand to become looser in summer and shrink to become tighter in winter.

Some customers worry their curtains are ‘shrinking’ in winter – this is perfectly normal, they will relax in summer with warmth.

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