What's trending? Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your deck or patio

With daylight savings only a month away, it’s time to get excited about summer! Days at the beach, the smell of BBQs wafting through the neighbourhood, and plenty of outdoor entertaining with friends and family.

So now is the best time to start thinking about getting your patio or deck refreshed with the right furniture and accessories – and we’re certainly not talking about the old plastic chairs and tables that are growing mould out the back of the house.

For those who plan to make the most of their outdoor space on a regular basis, you want to select comfortable pieces that really make it feel like an extension of your home. And with a Fresco Shade on guard, of course there is never the hassle of having to cover it after every use, or rush inside with the cushions every time it rains! This means you can invest in quality, and know it will last the distance.

But with such a variety of options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your home and entertaining needs? Anthony Chan from Poynters, New Zealand’s specialist provider of outdoor furnishings, says that there are a number of things to take into account when selecting key items for a deck or patio.

“Of course, with no constraints on space, most outdoor areas will feature dining, deep seating, and sun loungers. But if the area is limited, consider what is more important to you – dining, which is a more social occasion, or lounging, which is generally an individual activity.

“Don’t forget to leave plenty of room to walk around, as it is important to not crowd the space. Watch for door openings and accessways to ensure the furniture is not an obstacle.”

Anthony says people often forget to think about the aspect from inside the home looking out – for example you don’t want the furniture to block views, so to counter this, it may be necessary to select pieces that sit lower.

It is also critical to think about how exposed the furniture will be to the weather – however Anthony recognises the value that comes from having a Fresco Shade, in that considering the wear and tear of elements doesn’t need to be a priority for customers.

“From total protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays, to a fully enclosed option that provides use of the outdoor room over the cooler months, a Fresco canopy means the furniture will stay dryer and look better for significantly longer – regardless of the weather.”

This translates to Fresco owners being able to focus on trends and comfort, and of course Anthony already has the inside scoop on how stylish Kiwis will be dressing their outdoor living areas this summer.

“Wicker is always a popular choice, however it is becoming much more sophisticated and natural looking, with textured finishings. By using new weaving styles, the wicker shapes are progressing beyond the basic 6mm to a fresh look of thick ribbons or cords.

“New table top finishes and frames are also playing a more dominant role this year. Ceramic, stone, and HPL (high pressure laminate) tops feature strongly, in place of glass, and table frames with sleigh legs or pedestal legs, in place of traditional upright legs, are a must for those seeking a modern look.”

But it’s not all work and no play – rocking chairs and swings are also key features of a niche category in the outdoor furniture space, with comfort and relaxation high on the list of priorities for customers.

As a final tip to those on the hunt for the right pieces for their patio setting, Anthony reminds buyers to consider the weight of furniture

“If you want to move the furniture occasionally, to create more space, ensure it is practical to do so. Concrete furniture is very heavy so probably not the right choice in the first instance, but of course could still be incorporated in one or two smaller pieces if that is the look you are after.”

Once you have the right items in place, of course you will want to make use of them as much as possible, but with New Zealand’s weather as unpredictable as it has ever been – you need to ensure you have all the bases covered.

There’s nothing worse than planning to host a big family celebration (like Christmas) at your place, and having the wind and rain turn up uninvited. That is why it is recommended to add outdoor screens to your Fresco Shade (if you don’t have them already), and also consider the investment of an outdoor heater. This will ensure you have total protection, with minimal disruption to your social events.

As a bonus, this means you can use the space all year-round as an extension of your home, and it is a definite value-add when it comes time to sell up and move on.

Photos supplied by Poynters.

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