Not all renovations add value – what to do, and what to avoid...

Personal finance guru Mary Holm’s wrote recently that ‘not all property upgrades increase value’ – it’s a piece of advice all homeowners thinking of renovating should take to heart, especially in the current property crisis.

Ms Holm advises home owners against additions like a swimming pool as a means to increase the value of your property – people with young kids and those averse to maintenance don’t like them – and expensive fittings, curtains, carpets are also ‘no, no’s’.

It's often also good to insulate, remove walls to allow for open-plan living, add a third bedroom, or build a deck with large doors out to it

Mary Holms

It’s not surprising that more and more homeowners are thinking about renovating rather than selling, but make sure your renovations add value – rather than detract – and don’t break the bank doing it.

The Real Estate Institute reports that property prices are going up, but listings are dropping – we believe it’s because the current housing crisis means you might get a good price for your home, but getting something better is risky and not guaranteed. Auctions and market speed make it difficult to do due diligence, and prices are rising so fast it’s a challenge to keep up.

Here at Fresco we’re noticing more and more people opting to make better use of their outdoor spaces – see our free eGuide on how to create a fantastic outdoor space – because it costs a lot less than adding a new room, but can be just as liveable.

Uses for outdoor rooms that we have come across:


Outdoor kitchen

Did you know that cooking adds about three litres of water to the moisture content of your home? An outdoor kitchen, regardless of the weather, is fun and healthier for your home.

Outdoor gym

A canopy and pull curtains make it possible for you to exercise outdoors without getting wet. Do not put electronic equipment or electrical fittings in your outdoor space, but a home gym or wind trainer – for cyclists – is fine.

Outdoor relaxation

Perhaps you want a refuge you can escape to at the end of the day. An infra-red heater or outdoor fire makes for cosy seclusion close to nature while staying warm and dry.

Outdoor Entertaining

An outdoor BBQ, or pizza oven, and a lot of extra room is great for entertaining – particularly when all of the family turn up over Christmas.

Outdoor spa

Warm, cosy, sheltered, but just crisp enough to make a relaxing spa the perfect purpose for your outdoor space.

Outdoor games room

We've had some customers turn their outdoor spaces into entertainment areas complete with bar and dart board.

Outdoor Play Space

An ideal refuge for the children or grandchildren, especially on rainy days.

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