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Canopy Styles

Find the perfect canopy style, custom built & designed specifically to suit your outdoor area

Fresco Shades offer a wide range of canopy and awning styles to suit your home or business perfectly. All our canopies are custom designed and made specifically to your fit your outdoor space. You decide the size, shape, and color of your canopy to create your dream outdoor room! Our most popular award winning arch design allows for an increased feeling of space, however we also offer various other options such as semi-arched or lean-to styles. The majority of our canopies are attached to your home or building with strong custom engineered brackets, however our canopies and awnings can also be free standing if required. Whatever the style, all our canopies are made with the same architectural grade PVC and strong powder coated steel frame.

Arch Canopy

(most popular)

Our bread and butter design, we designed this style over 20 years ago and have been installing thousands for happy customers ever since.

Sharma Arch

Named after our brilliant Design & Production Manager, this design is offers a hybrid between our popular arch canopy and lean-to style. Combining the best of both worlds & maintaining a lean-to look, while still allowing an increased sense of space

Slim Arch

Our latest design has a minimal curve and is suitable for smaller canopies, and those seeking a lower profile. The Slim Arch suits most house styles, and is growing in popularity.

Scallop Edge

A popular option for the front edge of our canopies, the scallop edge gives a dynamic ‘shade sail’ look and feel to the canopy. Fabric is tensioned to the arch using extremely strong eyebolts.

Free Standing

When there is no existing structure to attach the canopy to, a free standing canopy is a great option which still offers the same robust strength as attaching to a building. This is a great option in several scenarios such as car storage, playground covers, outdoor seating, and pool covers.

Flat (Lean to)

This café style design has become increasingly popular in recently years, especially used in the hospitality industry for restaurants and cafes. Lean to canopies are also sometimes prefered in the residential setting, where it may suit the house better than an arched canopy.

Multi Arch

Often used to connect two areas or over large spans. Our canopies are designed in way where an additional canopy can often be attached at a later stage if required.

Hip roof

Useful in situations where building roof is a triangle shape.


This sleek looking design is often used to cover seating areas, popular with bowls clubs, or swimming pool areas.

Find a style that suits your outdoor area.

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