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2022 IFAI – International Achievement Awards – Award of Excellence Residential Awnings & Canopies

The Ultimate Outdoor Room

This wonderful outdoor room was installed on a newly built deck on a private home.  The design was a reverse sloping L shaped canopy with rear gutters and flashings, and many extras!  The canopy was strengthened as this was installed on an exposed site.  The design included panels and doors leading to the pool.

Our client initially wanted to cover an L shaped deck without having 2 separate canopies, so that it would look continuous. He also wanted the front of the canopy to be higher so that his views out to the pool and garden weren’t obstructed. The initial stage was just a canopy with all framing installed for future curtains.

As the project evolved, the customer decided to create a full outdoor room so that he could entertain family and friends in comfort.  Extra design elements included doors, louvres, insect mesh doors. This highly customised project became a creative collaboration over time to make the most out of the space and realise the customer’s vision.

The result?  Our customer added the wow factor to his house.  No expense was spared in creating this stunning room.  The customer is pleased with the way the room has come together and the new space is constantly in use.  The family entertains frequently in their outdoor room, his kids hang out there, and they cook “outside” for many meals.  They now have a space that has added real value and appeal to the house.

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