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Top Quality Local &

Imported Materials

We take quality seriously. We use only the best architectural grade PVC fabric from France & durable NZ galvanised steel frame

Serge Ferrari PVC Fabric

Architectural Grade PVC designed to last

Tensioned fabric structures place a considerable demand on the fabrics used in their construction. Therefore, it is important to use a fabric that is specifically designed for the job. While there is a vast range of PVC coated fabrics available, very few are suitable for use in roofing applications.

Fresco Canopies use state-of-the-art Ferrari Precontraint Architectural grade PVC, designed and manufactured in France specifically for tensioned roof applications. It has a unique multi layer method of construction which results in a vastly superior life compared with conventional materials. Ferrari Fabrics are a global leader in PVC for outdoor structures, and have created some high end designs throughout the world using the same PVC as we use for your canopy.

Ferrari fabrics can be easily cleaned and will retain their clean appearance indefinitely. The lighter colours of the range tend to be most popular as light is able to pass through the material, resulting in minimal light reduction for adjacent areas. A wide range of colours is available to compliment your home or to match corporate colour schemes in commercial applications.

New Zealand Steel

Durable Galvanised Steel Frame

Fresco’s high quality framework comprises structural grade galvanised New Zealand steel, all of which is cut, bent and powder coated in our factory in Auckland. Our brackets and connectors are also made in-house, and are galvanised and powder coated for longevity. Our designer ensures that every canopy is robust, has sufficient support, as well as looking great. When comparing to other options, please be aware that not all shades are as well designed or strong.

Dulux Duralloy

Long Lasting Dulux Powder Coated Finish

Fresco Shades is the only Canopy and Awnings Auckland manufacturer with our own in house powder coating facility. This allows us to have complete control over the finished quality.

All our brackets and frames are coated using Dulux Duralloy®,a tough thermosetting powder coating that exhibits decorative and durable characteristics suitable for exterior product applications where excellent overall performance is required. Choose from an extensive colour range to suit your existing structure.

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