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Grazing platters are a hot ticket item at the moment, and the best thing is, they are so super easy to prepare and present. It’s all about that casual, relaxed vibe, with minimal rules to follow. And of course on a lazy summer afternoon, it’s the perfect accompaniment to outdoor entertaining.

The first step is that you need a sizeable flat surface to work with, large wooden platters are very much on trend.

Step two – get to adding!

From a selection of crackers and cheeses (don’t forget relish or fruit paste), to grapes, strawberries, melon balls, pear slices, cold meats, vegetable sticks, olives, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, humus, pretzels, flat breads, bread sticks and more.  It may help if you start with a theme – like Mediterranean foods, seafood, vegan etc.  Or mix things up if you want more variety.

Try goats’ cheese on crostini with honey to drizzle over – a match made in heaven.  Or smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese with bread or crackers works well.  Things like dips are best kept in small bowls, but other than that, your grazing platter is ready to go. Easy!