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Setting up for the sun - Outdoor trends for summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means it is the perfect time to set up your outdoor entertaining space. And if your exterior furniture and accessories have seen better days, check out what’s trending in store this season – it might just be the inspiration you need to make this summer the best yet!

Zone your outdoor spaces

Depending on the size of your outdoor area and/or deck, it is nice to have a couple of ‘zones’ that represent different activities you and your family may enjoy outside. For example table and chairs for eating and entertaining, but what about a lounger or day bed for individual quiet time? And if the kids are going to be in the pool, make sure there is comfortable seating close by for supervising.

Having a variety of outdoor furniture to meet your needs means you are likely to use the space more.

Hanging out to relax

From hammocks to hanging chairs – think resort-like vacation for this one. This trend is perfect for those seeking to create a bit of a ‘retreat’ outdoors, and whether you have a large tree to put one up or need one that comes with its own hanging arm, there are plenty of options across many retailers.

Adding in colour for 2020            

Thinking about what colour to add to your outdoor space? It seems that green may be the new black – with many paint companies and stylists providing us with different shades of this nature-inspired hue.

Trend forecaster WGSN says that ‘neo-mint’, a pastel shade of green, will dominate fashion and interiors come 2020. Dulux has ‘cultivate’ – a tonal green palette – as one of its four, major colour trends. And Behr has chosen ‘Back to Nature’ – a restorative, slightly yellow-based green – as its shade to commence the new decade.

Indoor/outdoor flow

This one may sound a bit cliché – it’s been around for some time right? But perhaps this is the year to take it up a notch, as indoor/outdoor flow doesn’t just mean you’re able to move easily from inside to outside and back again. It is creating about an extension of your home and having elements of your interior present, so it doesn’t feel like such a stark contrast.

You also want items to be flexible enough to move between each space, depending on your seating and entertaining requirements.    

Make it welcoming for your well-being 

It just so happens that the concept of ‘well-being’ which has been embraced by designers of indoor furniture is now heading outdoors too. This is all about making sure chairs and seating options are cosy, inviting and comfortable.

We humans can be complex creatures, with sometimes quite ‘intangible’ needs – so this trend is focused on what ‘feels good’ as opposed to just what looks good. From soft materials to spacious shapes and curved edges, try to choose furniture that isn’t just about practicality.

Accessorise to add depth

Accessories can be purposeful, or unique, or both! As mentioned above, your outdoor space should just be an extension of your interior, so don’t be afraid to include the extra details. Things like side tables and poufs are certainly handy to have, and items like scented candles and artwork suitable for outdoor use can add personalisation and warmth. Or how about adding a water feature to create a relaxing ambience?