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It won’t be long until spring is on our doorstep, and while you won’t need to stray too far from the above when it comes to getting your outdoor space ready for warmer weather, a refresh with a few simple items wouldn’t go amiss.

Well, maybe not so simple. But word on the design street is that patio kitchens and bars are absolutely skyrocketing in popularity. This is because they enable us to do so much more in our outdoor spaces, adding ease of use and practicality when it comes to entertaining outside. No more having to go back and forth to the kitchen to check on the cooking (or someone being excluded from the group altogether as they have been assigned chef duties).

Add to that, retro and vintage is also on trend, which means giving that old rocker a lick of exterior paint so you can use it outside. Orange and green furnishings are in (think that 70s/80s era) but neutrals, browns and greys work as well if you don’t want to be too far out with your choices.

And don’t forget those neat porch swings that your grandparents used to have, it’s time for them to come back in style.