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Keep your canopy awning looking brand new by removing pollution, bugs and airborne salt


Noticed that your canopy awning is looking a bit dirty? It happens, especially if your home is located in a damp or coastal area. As a rule of thumb your canopy should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months, depending on exposure to pollution, bugs and airborne salt. 

How To Clean The Canopy Awning Frame


What You Will Need: 
  • Soft Cloth / Sponge 
  • Mild Household Detergent (diluted in water)
  • White Vinegar 
  • Grunt Emer-Gel Rust, Stain & Oxidation Remover 
What To Do
  1. Using a soft cloth/sponge and a mild household detergent in a water solution, wipe over the frame to remove dirt
  2. Continue until all the dirt is removed, rinsing with clean fresh water to remove any detergent 
  3. For any signs of oxidation (a milky appearance on the surface) use a damp cloth with ordinary white vinegar 
  4. If this doesn’t remove all the oxidation, most marine shops sell NZ made, non-toxic Grunt Emer-Gel oxidation remover

While our powder coating is fairly robust, if at any stage you do scratch your frame, ask Fresco about our spray paint repair kits.


Grunt Emer-Gel - Rust Stain & Oxidation Remover

Use Grunt Emer-Gel to remove any oxidation from the frame


How To Clean The Canopy Awning Roof


What You Will Need To Clean The Roof Underside:
  • Long-Handled Soft Brush OR Long-Handled Microfibre Mop
  • Mild Household Detergent (diluted in water)
  • Household Bleach
What You Will Need To Clean The Roof Outside:
What To Do (Cleaning Roof Underside):
  1. Wipe over with a soft brush (like long handled outdoor window cleaning brushes) or
    a long handled microfibre mop, using a detergent in water solution
  2. To deter any pink airborne bacteria from attaching to the PVC we recommend wiping the underside of the roof with a weak bleach solution (using the long-handled mop)
What To Do (Cleaning The Roof Outside):
  1. Hose down the roof to remove any loose surface grime
  2. Using a soft brush and soapy water (again, ordinary detergent is fine) brush the surface
  3. Rinse clean with a hose. A water blaster can be used, but on full power it will damage the fabric. If you do use a powerspray, make sure it is on low pressure only

Very occasionally, over time and only in some environments, you may find lichen or moss builds up on your roof. This usually only happens in damp situations, and/or if the roof has not been maintained. Should you need it, “30 Seconds One Step Spray and Walk Away” may be used, but we don’t recommend the original 30 Seconds Product. “Wet and Forget” and “Move It” are also acceptable, but please bear in mind, these products will probably not clean off dirt, so are best applied after cleaning.



How To Clean The Canopy Awning Curtains


In the first week post-installation, leaving your new outdoor curtains down allows for the fabric to settle. minimising any “wrinkles”. Like most outdoor curtains, the PVC is flexible, and needs time to adjust. You will notice that the fabric is tighter in winter when the weather is cold, and looser over summer as the fabric warms and relaxes.

What You Will Need:
  • Garden Hose
  • Long-Handled Soft Brush OR Long-Handled Microfibre Mop
  • Mild Household Detergent (diluted in water)
  • Soft Cloth / Microfibre Cloth
  • Specialist Plastic Cleaner (for example VuPlex)
What To Do:
  1. Hose the curtains down to remove surface grime
  2. Use a soft brush (like a car brush), or a long microfibre mop, with a detergent/water solution to clean any remaining stubborn dirt (microfibre mops can be bought at most hardware shops)
  3. Rinse clean and dry off with a soft cloth, or a dry microfibre mop. It’s a good idea to have a few microfibre cloths or other soft cloths on hand to dry the plastic
  4. To preserve the PVC and minimise scratches, specialist plastic cleaners can be used. Fresco supplies “VuPlex”, which is spayed on and polished off, leaving a protective gloss



As a general rule, please make sure your curtains are completely dry before rolling them up. If curtains are rolled up wet, they can appear a little cloudy due to the water trapped in the roll. This will go with time.

If you find the Glidetrak curtains are a little stiff to operate when it’s windy or cold, we recommend spraying silicone on the side tracks or zip.

The Final Word 

A regular cleaning program helps to maintain your canopy awning, increasing your enjoyment, its lifespan and validating your warranty. If you require professional, expert help Fresco Shades can clean your canopy for you (please call us for a quote).

Rather have a professional clean your canopy & curtains?

Learn about our comprehensive cleaning service & get a free quote to clean your canopy or curtains!